Questions & Answers About Hidden Valley B&B


About Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

Why would I want to stay at a B&B instead of a hotel?

It’s mainly about the service and the food! We only have four rooms, so we have the time and energy to give you plenty of personal service. Plus, we feed you a gourmet two-course breakfast. Also, you have the opportunity to meet other travellers at breakfast, and in the common areas. Many guests have met new friends here. This is a house, and it is comfortable, elegant and spacious. You have full access to our kitchen, BBQ and laundry. We could go on and on . . .just give it a try–you’ll love it!

What is the difference between a hotel and a B&B?

Just think of it as staying in someone’s lovely home. The owners of B&Bs usually live at the B&B, and use the house as you would any private residence. When staying at Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast, you get the opportunity to meet the owners, their family, their family pets and learn a lot about the Yukon. You may even find yourself celebrating birthdays and Christmas with the family (if you wish)! The great thing about Hidden Valley B&B, is the layout of the house. There are many areas where you can have some privacy, or have a large group discussion. The flow is perfect for accommodating many different needs.

About Transportation, Booking and Check-in

How do I get there if I’m not driving?

We have a shuttle for airport transfers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the shuttle will be available when you need it. We use the B&B owner’s car to shuttle guests from the airport. The shuttle is $40 per one-way ride. If you are here for more than a couple of days, we recommend that you rent a car if that option is available to you. Otherwise, you can get a taxi from the airport.

What are the roads like? Can I drive in the Yukon?

The Department of Highways keeps the roads in very good condition. It is easier to drive in the Yukon than you may think.

How do I make a reservation?

Please book directly from our website. When you use a booking company ( etc), we get charged a fee.

What is check-in time?

Check-in time is 2:00pm. Check-out time is 11:00am. If you arrive in Whitehorse early, you may come to the B&B and hang out until your room is ready. We have late check-in available for those who have late flights. Just be sure to tell us when to expect you so we can greet you at the door!

Why do you need to know my time of arrival?

Unlike a hotel, we do not have a dedicated front desk person. We often have to leave the B&B to do errands in town, or work out on the expansive property. We like to know your time of arrival so that we can be sure we are here to greet you and show you around when you arrive.


About the Amenities and Food

Will I see the northern lights (Aurora) at the B&B?

Mother Nature decides when to grace us with her spectacular northern lights show—unfortunately, we cannot predict or guarantee the appearance of the Northern Lights. When she does show, you can view the Aurora from many comfortable vantage points on our property.

If you arrange it in advance, we can set you up in the courtyard with a fire and hot beverages to enhance your Aurora viewing experience for $35 per guest (note – you must be a registered guest to book this service). $12 per child 12 years and under. Children 4 years of age and under free. This is a more convenient and less expensive option than viewing the Northern Lights from other locations in the Whitehorse area.

Will I have Wi-Fi Access?

Absolutely! We offer free Wi-Fi around the property. You can access the Internet from the comfort of the house, courtyard and deck.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes. You may use the washer and dryer between the hours of 2-9pm during your stay. We ask that you use our scent-free laundry soap, and to not use scented dryer sheets. There is a $5 charge for access to the facilities. 

Will I have to share a bathroom?

No. Every room has its own bathroom. The Cappuccino and Ivory rooms have the bathrooms inside the room, and the Blue and Red rooms have the bathrooms one door down from the rooms.

Do you have everything I’ll need in the bathroom?

Your bathroom is equipped with all linens you’ll need; a hair dryer; shampoo; body wash and liquid hand soap.

Are you pet friendly?

Pets are welcome free of charge. We ask that you be in control of your pet at all times, and that you stay with your pet at all times. If there are any pet-caused damages, we will add the cost to your bill. Please visit our Pet Friendly page for more information.


What can my kids do while we’re at the B&B?

Children are most welcome here at Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast. We have a play area outside for children only (no dogs) that includes a swing set and trampoline. 

What can I do while I’m there?

There is so much to do in Whitehorse! You have many outdoor activities to choose from all year round. Plus, Whitehorse has fantastic shopping, museums, arts and live theatre. If you want to stick close to home, our property offers a beautiful walk in the valley to a little duck pond (that turns into a skating rink in the winter). Visit our Fun Things to Do page for more information.

What clothes should I bring?

In the winter, think layers and wool. Start with warm long johns, and layer up. That way you can shed a few layers as the temperature changes. Bring a warm winter jacket, winter boots, warm socks, winter gloves or mitts, warm scarf that is long enough to cover your face if necessary and a warm hat. An example of temperature fluctuations—in January, the temperature can be anywhere from +3C˚ to -40C˚. Also, please bring slippers. This is a private residence as well as a bed and breakfast, and we will ask you to leave your shoes at the door.

From May to August pack for rain and heat. Remember your sunglasses and hats. It is very sunny in the Yukon. Bring comfortable walking shoes and wicking socks so you can spend the day hiking or exploring downtown. Also, please bring slippers. This is a private residence as well as a bed and breakfast, and we will ask you to leave your shoes at the door.

Can I rent winter clothing?

Yes! At a store called MW Outfitters in downtown Whitehorse. The telephone number is 867-667-2817.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair accessible.

Is breakfast included?

Breakfast Crepes at Hidden Valley B&B

Oh yes! We have a fantastic two-course hot breakfast. We make a different breakfast every morning; so will get a lot of variety if you are here for a longer stay. We even offer a special Breakfast Box to Go if you have to check out early in the morning. Your early check out breakfast will include juice, muffins or breakfast croissant, fresh fruit, coffee & tea.

Breakfast To Go Box; muffin, ham croissant, apple & juice

Can you accommodate my food allergies or special diet?

Yes. We will prepare your breakfast according to your allergies or sensitivities. We have many gluten-free and vegan recipes. But PLEASE be sure to tell us in advance of your stay if you have specific diet issues or requests.

May I use the kitchen?

You are welcome to use our kitchen during the day and early evening; but we do not allow cooking on the stove or in the oven after 9:00pm. There is a $15 fee to use the kitchen. Also, we ask that you clean up after you are finished cooking. That means putting plates etc in the dishwasher, washing pots and serving spoons, and drying and putting away your dishes. We also ask that you wash the countertops and the table after you eat. If you are unable to clean up, we will do so for you and add a 20% gratuity to your total bill.

If you are bringing outside people in for a gathering (people who are not staying at B&B), there will be a per head fee for use of the space and dishes etc. Please let us know in advance if you are having a party or gathering.

Do you serve alcohol at the B&B?

We do not have a liquor license; so we are not able to serve alcohol. Please feel free to bring your own favourite beverage.