View Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Our Deck

Guests of Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast are in the unique position to view the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from several vantage points on our Whitehorse property. It’s convenient and comfortable–but best of all, there is no travel time, and it’s free!

The best conditions to view the Northern Lights are when the sky is clear and there are no ambient lights around you. Auroras occur throughout the year; but you cannot see the Lights in the summer months because it does not get dark enough.

January to mid-April are the most popular Yukon months for Aurora hunting because they bring long, dark nights. You need the sky to be dark to see the Northern Lights.

Guest, Song Ci, shot of Aurora over Lake Labarge, Whitehorse, Yukon

January can be very cold; but some believe that the Aurora is more likely to appear on colder nights. February sees the weather slowly improving and in March, the temperatures begin to rise. And, because most of the winter snow has fallen, it could be said that there are less snow clouds overhead to obscure the Aurora. March brings the Spring Equinox. We also find the shoulder season of October and November can result in the aurora manifesting. Some feel that there is greater Aurora activity near the two Equinoxes. Also, there is less chance of snowfall, so better chance of seeing the Aurora.

If you arrange it in advance, we can set you up in the courtyard with a fire, hot beverages and a small treat to enhance your Aurora viewing experience for $35 per guest, $12 per child 12 years and under, children 4 years of age and under free (note – you need to be a registered guest to book this service). This is a more convenient and less expensive option than viewing the Northern Lights from other locations in the Whitehorse area.

Again, we cannot predict or guarantee the appearance of the Northern Lights. But you can get a hint about when conditions are right, by looking up the Aurora Forecast on the University of Alaska website.

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