Although this past summer has been an adjustment, one thing will never change at Hidden Valley.

Bountiful, fresh, organic veggies!

Between the greenhouse and the garden, we have quite the haul in the way of fruit and veggies this year. We are particularly proud of the many flavourful tomatoes… As the approach of winter is slowly creeping up again, we are acting fast to can and store these tomatoes for yummy soups and sauces.

Pickling Carrots

The garden has also been very good to us with carrots this summer. We have been working hard to preserve them by pickling and jarring them up to enjoy all winter.


We have also been experimenting with new baking recipes with the berries we’ve grown. These muffins will be a nice addition to your breakfast included with your stay.

We can’t wait to welcome back all guests, once it is safe to do so. In the meantime, enjoy a ‘staycation’ with us if you are from Yukon, NWT, Nunavut or BC.

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