During a trip along the Dempster Highway, Tammi (TJ Photography) captured these images.

Here are a few facts about the Dempster Highway:

  • Also referred to as Yukon Highway 5 and NWT Highway 8
  • Connects the Klondike Highway in the Yukon to Inuvik
  • Begins near Dawson City, Yukon and extends to Inuvik, NT
  • During the winter the highway extends 194 kms to Tuktoyaktuk

For more information check out Wiki.

Here is an inukshuk standing along the Dempster highway.

Inukshuk Standing Along Dempster Highway


This is the Tombstone Park along the Dempster highway.

Tombstone Park along Dempster Highway


Here is a shot of the fall colours along the Dempster highway.

Dempster Highway Fall Colours


Thank you to Tammi of TJ Photography for sharing her photos.