Yukon Wilderness - Forest, Water, Blue Skies with Clouds

Finter is the shoulder season between Fall and Winter.  Have a look at our family adventures during Finter.

We have a funny season, it really isn’t Fall, it really isn’t Winter, in fact it’s No Season At All, We call it Finter , it’s like our world is lying dormant and it’s dead, and it’s such a funny season, it really messes with your head!

The Harvest is all finished, it’s like the Land Blocked, we’re waiting for the Snowfall, it’s like the Land is Locked! We call it Finter, it’s really No Season at All, everyone is waiting. We want That Good White Snow to Fall!

Oh Mister Winter, won’t you step into the breach? The Country’s Dead Like Doornail, it makes you want to Screech!! We call it Finter, it’s really No Season at all, everyone is waiting, oh Mother Nature make your call!!

The following images are from our adventure to the family cabin this Finter.

Completed Puzzle Made By Family Members


Group Picture of Family at Dinner


Arial View of Yukon Territory


Come join us at Hidden Valley B&B to enjoy the natural wilderness of the Yukon Territory.