Hidden Treasures at Yukon Bed & Breakfast

Guests at the Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast will come upon many hidden treasures, whether it be while they stroll in the gardens, relax in their room or enjoy the shared living spaces.

Here are a few of the treasures you will find in the garden.

Decorative tea cup in the garden


This is an Eastern Deity given to us as a gift.  It can be found in the south-facing flower garden.

thai buddha garden statue at Hidden Valley B&B


We also received this ceramic bell as a gift.  It is also found in the south-facing flower garden.

decorative bell hanging in garden - Whitehorse B&B


This is one of the stepping stones on the way to the jacuzzi.  It hold the Japanese symbol for longevity.

longevity stepping stone at Yukon B&B


This is an ornamental butterfly that adorns the north-facing flower garden.

Decorative Garden Butterfly


A painting by John Laymann of “greenman”.  This is an iconic Celtic garden symbol for greenery and fertility.  You will find it hanging near one of our greenhouses.

Winds of Change Garden Sign - Whitehorse B&B


The curio wall displays some family memorabilia and a few local antiques.

Curio Wall in Hidden Valley B&B


Antique Meerschaum pipe belonging to my husband’s grandfather.

antique tobacco pipe


Come visit us and see if you can find all these treasures!