Welcome to our first blog post.  We are very excited to be able to share more information with our friends online.  In our first post we will feature our Italian Night of cooking.

There were 14 of us in our beautiful big kitchen and we had room to spare. We made Lasagne del Pesto, de-boned Chicken with Prosciutto, Seafood Tortellacci, Risotto with Gorgonzola Cheese, Italian Bread with a Balsamic/Olive Oil Dip, and a Fresh Garden Salad. Everyone brought an excellent bottle of Italian Wine. We had Flan with a Chocolate/Espresso Sauce for dessert. We ate on the back deck Al Fresco. WE TOASTED AND ACKNOWLEGED……..”I WOULD LIKE TO PROPOSE A TOAST TO ENZO AND SANDO FERRERO IN WHOSE SPIRIT OF GENEROSITY THIS BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN MEAL WAS PREPARED”…….from our hearts to yours……Eva

Here are a few pictures from our evening.


Friends preparing an Italian night dinner at Yukon Bed & Breakfast

Friends preparing the Italian night dinner


Mincing garlic from Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast garden

Mincing fresh garlic from the garden


Rolling and cutting pasta at Yukon Bed & Breakfast

Rolling and cutting homemade pasta


Homemade tortellacci at Yukon Bed & Breakfast

Cutting pasta for homemade seafood tortellacci (large sized tortellini)



Stuffing torellacci at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast

Stuffing the tortellacci


Using fresh vegetables from the Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast garden

Making Fresh Garden Salad


Stuffing deboned chicken at Whitehorse Bed & Breakfast

Stuffing the deboned chicken

Friends at Italian night at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast

Sewing up deboned and stuffed chicken


stuffed chicken at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast

Deboned Chicken with Omelet, Oregano, Feta, and Prosciutto



Making lasagna al pesto at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast

Lasagna al Pesto


Italian Night Dinner at Whitehorse Bed & Breakfast

Italian Night – Al Fresco