We have had to start packing up the yard for winter.  It is hard to believe that fall is upon us.  I feel like we just took all the pots out of the green house and placed them in the flower beds.  The summer sure flew by.

Hidden Valley B&B Back Deck

Back deck

We have removed all the plants from the pots.

Hidden Valley B&B Pots Emptied

Pots emptied

And put them away in the green next to the barn.

Hidden Valley B&B Packed Up

Packed away

The side walk looks so bare without the flowers.

Hidden Valley B&B Side Walkway

Side walkway

So does the back of the house.

Hidden Valley B&B

All flowers gone

We even placed all the shovels on the porch in preparation for shoveling snow.

Hidden Valley B&B Ready for Winter

Ready for winter

We have the wood shed full of kindling and wood to keep us warm this winter.

Hidden Valley B&B Wood Pile

Wood pile ready for winter

Well now that we are ready for winter, let’s hope it doesn’t start snowing too soon.