I checked my gardening book for entries from last year and it said ”Spring arrived on May 10”…..and that is exactly what it did this year. This is when the increase of light becomes very dramatic and reaches its apex on June 21, the longest day of the year.  On the 10 of May, there was a bare hint of life…tiny little indicators…the most infinitesimal bud peaking from a tree…..when this happens, all Yukoners go a little bit nutty, as evidenced by the following pictures…..pictures showing how the outdoors becomes a bee hive of activity as we begin yard clean-up, preparations for the flower beds and the two greenhouses and the large organic vegetable garden that keeps our guests and ourselves nourished over the rest of the year. We even have a bee hive this year!! Summer is not quite yet upon us but we are looking forward to its arrival.

Hanging baskets in the greenhouse

Plants in the greenhouse

More pots waiting to be planted.

Planter pots ready to be used

Planting our organic vegetable garden now as well. Can’t wait until the potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce and much more are ready to harvest and enjoy!

Planting the garden at Hidden Valley B&B

We are lucky to have so much space and out buildings. It allows us to put away all the patio furniture in a clean dry location.

Chairs in storage for the winter

Time to move the furniture back out to the decks and patios.

Moving furniture back to decks and patio at Hidden Valley B&B

It is starting to look good.  Just need a little colour – come on summer heat – help us out …

Outdoor furniture back on the deck

Not everyone is working … some decide that playing with a ball is a better pursuit.

Dog named Cash playing with his ball

Lots of garden ornaments to still be placed in the courtyard.

Garden ornaments stored for the winter

Ornamental birds for the garden

Shinny clean benches ready to be moved to the deck.

Outdoor benches with new paint

Even the horses need a little “spring cleaning”.

Horse at Hidden Valley B&B

All the work is done. Time to go for a ride.

Horse saddled for ride

Saddling horse at Hidden Valley B&B

Stay tuned in the coming months as we present the garden unfolding as the warmth of the summer graces us with its presence.