We have a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with our family.  We now have many grandchildren to help us.

Lots of help decorating the tree at Whitehorse B&B

Little Helpers

Trimming the tree at Hidden Valley

Placing the lights on the tree

It is so fun to build these memories with the grandchildren.

Decorating the tree at Hidden Valley

Selecting that special decoration

Decorating the Christmas tree

Almost got it …

trimming the tree

Special age for Christmas wonder

This is quite a tall tree – so sometimes a little assistant from the taller decorators is required.

decorating the tree

A helpful lift to get that decoration in the right place

Then, of course, there is food involved.

Feeding the decorators at Hidden Valley

Appetizers for the decorating crew

A story that captivates the children – a story on the iPad – I never pictured this 20 years ago.

Reading a story

Time for a story

Relaxing with the dogs

Keeping the dogs company

Santa's Helpers

Santa’s Helpers

Taking a break from decorating

Taking a break from decorating

Christmas Tree completed

Almost finished