After a busy, Event Filled Winter Season at Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast, we all look forward to a well-deserved break out at our cabin.  It is a special, magical time for us with no telephones, no calendars, no clocks, no radios pumping out bad news, and no computers. We awaken and sleep on our own natural schedules. We really have no idea what time we get up or go to bed and it really doesn’t matter. Miraculously we all get up and get tired around the same time. It is so wonderful to live each day listening to our own inner clocks.

My husband, myself, and my niece Eva Marie from Calgary arrived by ski plane with our young grand-son Marek who had his first time out at the cabin. Marek loves to dance and we did bring music; pre-recorded and self-made. All of the others on skidoo were there to meet us and off load the aircraft with all of the food for 15 people for 14 days. It takes a lot of preparation and planning! While they were waiting for us they built a quinsy by piling snow into a great heap on the lake and then hollowing it out, quite a few of the grand-children slept in it for a night or two.  Lots of fun!  But the first step was filling the wood stove and warming up the cabin, and then drilling a hole through the ice for cold fresh lake water which we used for drinking and washing up ourselves and dishes and floors and anything else that needed it.

It always amazes me how much we accomplish while we are there and yet we pack in so much play time and it all feels so natural and effortless. I think the rest of the video speaks for itself, and when I am there I never, nevER, NEVER want to leave. It is just so good for the soul!!

I hope you enjoy the video.            by Eva