Well, we finally made it to the cabin.  We were lucky the weather cooperated so it wasn’t too cold or snowy on the trip.

We spent the remainder of the trip overhauling and renovating many aspects of the cabin.  Here are a series of images documenting our progress.

The doors arrived safe and sound.  Placing them in a safe location until the installation.




As you can see the cabin, needs some tender loving care.  Lots to do.






Even the ceiling needs help.


Ceiling repairs have begun.

Repairing the ceiling


Repairing the ceiling of the remote cabin

Insulation for the wall.

Insolation for the walls

Placing the insulation.

Insolating the wall

Placing the vapour barrier.

Vapour barrier for the wall


Cutting paneling for the wall

Preparing the paneling for the wall.

Wall paneling

Installing the panelling.

Working on the wall

Installing the new door.

Installing the new door


Winter cabin interior

Time for painting

working on painting the winter cabin

Everyone gets to help.

Helping hands

Putting together new cabinets.

Installing the cabinets

The cabinet floor boxes are coming together.

Cabinets floor boxes

What a big change!

Cabinets nearly complete.


We were very happy with our accomplishments during this trip.  It looks like a new cabin with the new stove and cabinets.