Pet Friendly Accommodation

We are a pet-friendly accommodation because we love animals. We have two dogs of our own! We also have several horses, and offer Bed and Bale accommodations.

There is plenty of room to roam on our 5-acre Whitehorse ranch. You and your dog(s) will enjoy a walk/run in the valley where you’ll end up at the duck pond where you are able to view more of the breathtaking Yukon territory.

Pet Policy

Please follow these simple rules:

  1. Do not allow your pet on the furniture inside the house, or into the dining room.
  2. Please do not leave your pets alone in your room 
  3. Keep your pets on a lead in the house, unless they are well-trained to stay with you.
  4. The grass area off the back deck is a children’s play area–so it is also a “no-dog zone”.
  5. Pick up after your pet while enjoying the spacious outdoors here. We keep pick-up bags in the drawer of the table in the foyer.
  6. If your pet damages anything on the property or in the house, we will add the cost to your bill, or charge your credit card after we pay for damages.

If pet owners follow these rules, we will continue to offer our pet-friendly hospitality.

Thank you for your understanding!

Quinny - Resting at Hidden Valley B&B
Dog Relaxing at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast