We are preparing for winter and Christmas at Hidden Valley Bed & Breakfast. We started by transforming our family room (next to the kitchen). We removed the built-in couch.  It was quite the amazing transformation thanks to Inspired Interiors in Whitehorse. It looks great with the two new chairs and the new couch, and it is very comfortable. Our B & B Guests love it!!

built-in couch before it was removed

Before renovations

Renovations complete at Hidden Valley B&B

Renovated family room

We also started the inside decorations for Christmas. All of the grand children came over to help and we had a great day full of fun and good visiting and snacks!! Now we are starting to bake!

Lots of help decorating the tree at Whitehorse B&B

Little Helpers

Christmas Tree completed

Almost finished


Finished baking shortbread

All done!

We have had a lot of guests here to see The Aurora, and they have marveled at the dark that comes with this time of year. Right now it is getting light around 9:30 AM. It is still dark, but not pitch black at 9 AM. It is dark again by 5 PM. We only have 16 more days left where the darkness will continue to lengthenā€¦that will be on the 21st of December, the longest night. After that, the light begins to increase again. I like this time of year because it feels peaceful, although that will end soon with the beginning of Christmas Festivities!!

Father Christmas

Father Christmas

Stayed tuned for a few more posts about our renovations, decorating and baking.