So much has been happening at Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast!

We have received so many wonderful travellers from all over the world, and we have been cooking up a storm! Over the past weeks, we have seen many visitors from Mexico, Japan and China and everyone has really been enjoying the record snowfall this year.

Hidden Valley B&B Guests from Japan

Fruit side for 10 guests at Hidden Valley B&B

Breakfast Crepes at Hidden Valley B&B

Fruit side for breakfast at Hidden Valley B&B

Fruit & cream puff dessert at Hidden Valley B&B

We have had a very fortuitous co-ordination of these events with Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous, our annual Winter Festival. Everyone comes out in full 1898 Klondike Gold Rush Costume and we have a great many fun filled events, not to mention The Yukon Quest, and The Yukon Ultra, both billed as the toughest dog race and the toughest event for humans on earth. The Yukon Ultra saw plunging temperatures, and many of the contestants suffered very severe frostbite.

Here are a few links to investigate these Whitehorse winter events for next year.

Book early if you want to attend these winter festivals as well book up quickly.