During Spring Break in March, we had a family trip to our cabin.  It is located in a very remote location – about 25 miles from Hidden Valley B&B.  Most of this distance was travelled by snow mobile and some of our supplies were brought in by plane.

One of the major items that arrived by plane was our new 600 lbs stove.  We had to unload it from plane and place it on a sled.  That would then be pulled by snowmobile to the cabin.

Here is the plane – with skis so it can land on the snow.

Plane on skis in the Yukon


Accessing the situation … preparing to unload the stove.

Stove arriving via small plane


Here is the stove starting to come out of the plane.  The straps are in place.  The wood will be used as a ramp to slowly lower the stove.

Unloading the stove


Phew …  It is out … Ready for the next leg of the journey.

Stove loaded on sled for transport


That was quite the job.  Step one.  Now we need to get it to the cabin and install it.